Monday, 22 May 2017


Yesterday evening, we were hit with one of the impromptu Abuja rains and luckily yours truly got a ride home with a couple of friends. As we tried to navigate our way out of Karu, back into town, all three of us were chatting,  laughing and generally reminiscing about the day's activities.
Suddenly,  he came out of nowhere; he seemingly fell from the sky right in front of our bumper, both hands slapping onto the hood of the car as he tried to keep the car from running him down by sheer physical strength. He was thin,  wiry, and probably 8 years old if he was a day which means the driver's foot on the brakes and not his Clark Kent's prowess was the only reason he wasn't eating pavement. His eyes were wide and bright with childish innocence and fading adrenaline as his horrified gaze met ours through the windshield of the car.
Even though the driver had managed to stomp on the brakes fast enough to keep from running him down, the car had come to a stop a mere inch from his little body!
We had all screamed involuntarily upon his apparition and the shock had barely worn off before Sky Kid stooped down, yanked a green veil from beneath the hood of our car and promptly dashed back to the sidewalk to stand beside an eerily calm woman. In a flash I understood: the slight wind had yanked the veil from her shoulders and he had almost followed a scarf to his death beneath the wheels of our car in a bid to please Veil Woman!!!
I'm still furious as I write this and of course I have an opinion.
It is the rare mother of a particularly stoic composition who would watch her kid practically  run beneath the  wheels of a car without having a bit of hysteria. I'm willing to bet three shoes and a hat that Sky Kid wasn't Veil Woman's biological  son. Which brings me to my question: why harbor a child you can't love and protect as yours?
These little beings are God's gift to mankind. They preserve the balance of this world; they teach us what it means to be responsible for another human life; they remind us not to take ourselves too seriously.
A world without children would be absolute chaos because we would all be too busy frowning at laptops or planning corporate mergers to go to Disneyland. We would be too busy strategising at work like drill sergeants to wish upon eyelashes. We would be too busy being practical and soaked in reality to keep our fallen teeth for the tooth fairy. We would be too realistic to believe in magic and miracles.
Children are not an accessory to make you look good nor are they an achievement for your resume. They are the tiny humans that make this world go round. They are the force for good that balance all the evil we adults pollute the world with daily. They are angels that dwell the earth.
So if you've got one or you're training one, know that the pitter-patter of little feet is the sound of angels walking in your home.

Learn the lesson and share the story
©2017 by Sherina Okoye


  1. I'm so glad you finally listened and started blogging your stories. I'm really excited too to read what you come up with next. Good one dear.

    1. Thanks so much sweetie. Please feel free to share on social media sites. I always welcome comments and opinions. And I'm also glad I listened to you guys; you're wise.

  2. Mbah felicitas (chikwas)23 May 2017 at 00:45

    Hey my friend, am so happy for you. Finally the long awaited blog of the century has emerged. well done ma. Cheers

    1. LMAO. I'm so happy myself love. Still laughing very hard @"blog of the century"; I sure hope so love



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