Wednesday, 17 May 2017


Okay so a friend asked me teasingly today if I had any weekend experience to share with the beautiful people of Facebook. Turns out I didn't. All that had happened to me over the weekend was I ate way too much protein and paid dearly for it: story for another day.
Frankly I wasn't really looking for a story because my day was packed with back to back activities.
Fast forward few hours later, I was out and about minding my business today when suddenly I had to meet someone within the lovely city of Abuja. Incidentally, he wandered into a men's clothes store and absently began to price the clothes on the rack as we talked.
Now this was the eye-popping part: everything he touched was Ninety thousand Naira. You name it, blazers, suits, shoes, everything! At a point, he turned and looked at me with a wide grin, his eyes twinkling at me as he announced, "This must be the 90 Naira shop".
Frankly at that point I was wondering WHY he was smiling because I failed to see the humor in the situation. I didn't feel like smiling at all. I felt like racing for the door and calling the nearest policeman to come look into this scam that was being perpetuated against the innocent members of the public. N90,000!!! Sheer daylight robbery!!! 90k can probably buy enough foodstuff to last ten families for a month; (Allow me the bliss of daydreaming and wishful thinking.)
Okay let me confess; my real pique was because essentially the cost of one little blazer in that shop rivalled the cost of everything I had on my person at that moment; from my lovely gown, to my flat court shoes and maybe even my weavon!!! It was a very humbling thought.
I picked my slackened jaw off the floor and stabbed an angry finger in the direction of a pair of trousers as I demanded to know the price. I was calmly advised by the perspiring shop clerk that Ninety thousand Naira was the name of the game. I triumphantly jerked out an ugly blazer hidden in one corner of the shop and asked for the price. It was too ugly to be expensive, I reasoned. The sales girl informed me that that one had been hidden away because it was special. It was one hundred and twenty thousand Naira!!!
Now you didn't hear this from me but I've never really appreciated the cost of male fashion. I usually just look at the simple lines and assume the price is in the realm of normalcy. Today, I learned differently; and now I have a very healthy respect for the masculine wardrobe. Female clothes are expensive all right, but you would have to do some real fast talking to sell any lady a pair of shoes at Ninety thousand in a roadside shop!!!
As we left, I cast an angry glare at one unoffending pair of boxers hanging on a rack and demanded in my haughtiest tone, "How much is the boxers?" The sales girl cast an apprehensive look at my angry features and swallowed as she wisely squeaked, "Ten thousand Naira."
Good. If I had heard Ninety thousand Naira one more time, I'm afraid i might have decked her!!! And that's how the fight would have started...
Anyway, my point is, if you are a guy and you're my friend and i look suspiciously at your shoes or clothes any time in the nearest future, you can rest assured I'm wondering if you are wearing four bags of rice on your feet. Apostle Kingsley Freeman Ogbonna, now you know why somebody was scrutinizing your shoes today.

Learn the lesson and share the story
©2017 by Sherina Okoye


  1. Real 90 naira...would have left there a long time ago need pricing the boxers self

    1. Lmao. And he was smiling happily. Beats me. I wanted to get out of Dodge the very first time I heard N90. Lol



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