Wednesday, 17 May 2017


That awkward moment when a guy dips one fat forefinger deep into his nose, whirls it around real fast like it's a frisbee; digs impossibly deeper like he's going for gold, and then drags out a fat, disgusting boogie and flicks it happily into the air (in a public vehicle, mind) only for it to land on the leg of the innocent girl seated beside him. Honestly if you didn't know women were saints, know it now. She restrained herself from giving him a richly deserved setdown (I mean who does that? Digging your nose willy nilly, and in public too?) She merely drew his attention and pointed a finger at the offending boogie on her legs and the mannerless man immediately took it off her. She didn't say another word the rest of the trip but she did sit in stiff, cultured,aloof, dignified silence until I alighted and I could tell her skin was crawling every minute she had to endure the aftermath of the assault on her person with a flick of boogies. I have to tell you, witnessing it was traumatizing enough; never mind experiencing it. I mean, I'm writing this at 2:42am because I'm still having nightmares about what went down. By the way, I couldn't have dinner last night thanks to Mr Boogie. Now imagine how his hapless victim felt.
Your mother was right; mind your manners in public!!!

Learn the lesson and share the story!
© 2017 by Sherina Okoye

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