Wednesday, 17 May 2017


Bright and early this morning, I was on my way for a program and this lovely lady was seated beside me in an Abuja taxi. She was somewhat on the chubby side and drivers being who they are, our driver intended to stuff four grown adults like sardine in the back seat of his car. That would have been a tough call though given that she inadvertently took up the space for a person and a half.
Anyway, when he drove further ahead and sighted a few passengers, he pleaded with the man in front to relocate to the back so the chubby lady could seat in front. The gentleman promptly agreed and as they switched seats, we were all confronted with a rather appalling sight. The lady's blouse had lost every single one of its stitches on one side and was gaping open showing everything from her bra to her waist. And worse, I was the only female present other than herself. To my chagrin, everyone including the elderly, grey-haired driver in the twilight of his life, preferred to feast their eyes on her delectable body rather than call her attention to this fact. As soon as she was seated in front, I slid forward and in muted tones apprised her of the condition of her blouse. She was mortified and she immediately tugged the gaping material into place and held it with one hand. Being a person who has myself suffered such disappointment from fabric before, I whipped out a safety pin and handed it to the grateful woman.
She clipped a huge portion of the material closed, effectively ending the nudity show. My reward? A lot of angry male glares. I had spoiled their show right? I met them look for look, unapologetic and smug. What can I say? It's a woman's world. While some may think women engage in catfights and petty jealousies, in truth most women just look out for each other coz if we don't, who will?

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©2017 by Sherina Okoye

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