Wednesday, 17 May 2017


Have you ever tried to cross any of those drainage stuff (gutters) within the FCT? Well if you have then you know it can't be done because they are usually wide enough and deep enough to bury a man. You would have to jump right in and then wait for some good Samaritan to pull you out. Don't worry, they are usually clean and dry. Anyway, on my way to the office this morning, I spotted a female corper who had jumped into the gutter in order to cross to my side of the street. Well she appeared stuck and was looking wildly around for someone to pull her up and out. I hastened my footsteps to reach her faster but before I could, one chirpy male corper had jogged up and offered her a gallant hand, pulling her to safety. They obviously didn't know each other because he continued on his way immediately.
When our eyes met though, I beamed an approving smile at him. Now you didn't hear this from me, but my smile happens to be quite nice.
Long story short, he walked a little taller after that as he continued on his merry way. Words were unnecessary: he had been a chivalrous gentleman, even when he didn't have to be. And I blessed him in my heart as I'm sure the female corper did.
Who has blessed you today?
Morale of the story? Do good for someone else and if you can't, then appreciate those who do good for others.

Learn the lesson and share the story

©2017 by Sherina Okoye

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